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If you’re like me, you’re excited for the next-gen consoles but not so excited for that $400-$500 charge that you’re going to take on the chin while doing so. There’s a handy way to relieve this. I’m sure most people know this already, but it could be beneficial to those that don’t…

If you preordered your Playstation 4 or Xbox One on Amazon, you won’t have to pay a penny until your console ships in mid-to-late-November. In the meantime, you can pick up Amazon gift cards or Amazon Kindle cards. They come in a variety of quantities and they’re available nearly everywhere. After you’ve purchased the gift card, log on to Amazon and click ‘Order Details.’

At the bottom of the next page you’ll see a box that allows you to put in your Amazon gift card code. Once you type that in and press ‘Apply,’ you’ll see that your balance will go down accordingly.

If you do this $50 here, $25 there over the course of the next few months, that hit that you take on release day will be far less brutal.

I’m poor and can’t afford one of these newfangled vidja game systems, but for those that can this is some damn solid advice from a damn solid individual.

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Tonight King’s Island unveiled the name and design of their newest record-breaking roller coaster, The Banshee.  Being touted as the world’s longest looping roller coaster, this bad girl should be ready by the beginning of the 2014 park season.  As a current season pass holder, this is absolutely the most effective way to lure me into renewal.  I can’t wait.

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The Purge Review



By: T.J. “We are having diner! No penises!” Mulligan

Horror has become a tricky genre of film in recent years.  Sure they are commonly made on the cheap for a decent box office return, but originality has been hard to come by.  These days just throwing a homicidal maniac behind a mask or having various monsters, both large and small, coming at unwitting victims from all directions is too little to get me and many others into theater seats (direct to video is a whole other story).  Originality isn’t the best indicator of quality, mind you, as some of the best and scariest horror films fit firmly into already trodden territory, but an original idea will likely draw more eyes to the film initially.  Thus is the case with The Purge, which opened as the number one movie in America and earned 10 times its budget domestically in its opening weekend.  The premise for the film is so unique it even caused my girlfriend, who is adamantly anti-horror, to want to see the film.  But does the original premise translate into a good overall film?

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I, like many others, have waited 7 years for the chance to catch up with Michael, George-Michael, GOB, Buster, Lindsay, George Sr., Lucille, Lucille 2, Tobias, Maeby, Steve Holt, Carl Weathers and the rest of the amazing cast of characters that make up Arrested Development.  I was elated to hear it was coming back and knew that when it did, with all the episodes being available to watch on Netflix on day one, that it wouldn’t take long for me to get through all of them.  The show started back up yesterday and, as of a few moments ago, I’ve done just that.

In many ways this show has changed.  Likely due to the busy schedules of the actors involved, the show, which used to rely on the mixing of the stories of the ensemble cast in every episodes, has scaled down in scope to focus more strictly on one particular character per episode.  While others appear throughout, this experience is pretty jarring at first for those familiar with previous style.  I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t into the first few episodes like I’d hoped I’d be.  I actually started to worry that the show was perhaps better left buried than to be resurrected into this new and much less funny version.  It is only after a handful of more episodes that the cohesive story of this season starts to take shape and that familiar level of comfort begins to return.  As more characters receive their own episodes to tell the stories of what they’d been through the last few years, they begin to appear more in other characters’ episodes and with more substantial parts to play.  By the end it all begins to tie itself into a nice, neat little bow and leaves the viewer once again yearning for more. 

Kudos to Mitchell Hurwitz and all of the cast and crew that brought this back.  You had me worried for a little bit but I’m so glad to have more of the show I love and super high on these new episodes.  Now don’t ever leave me again.

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T.J.’s Top 5 Favorite Music Videos

I grew up in a time when channels like MTV and VH1 played music videos.  And I’m not just talking about from the the hours of 3 to 4 in the morning, I mean for the better part of the day.  It was a love for the art form of the music video that led me to have a better understanding and appreciation of the art form of cinema and for visual arts in general.  The other night I got to thinking about which music videos I would consider my favorites so I compiled this list.  Perhaps one day I’ll explain my selections, but for now here they are in simple list form:

5. “Paranoid Android” - Radiohead

4. “Sabotage” - Beastie Boys

3. “Coffee” - Aesop Rock

2. “Everlong” - Foo Fighters

1. “Star Guitar” - The Chemical Brothers

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Movies on Film: The Hangover Part III Review



By: T.J. “someone needs to burn this place to the ground” Mulligan

Over the Memorial Day Weekend of 2011, I and many of my fellow Americans were unceremoniously and severely burned. It wasn’t caused by wildfire or errant firework displays. No, we were all burned by going to the theater. You…

Well, it was better than the last one.